Ultramagnetics is a music technology company located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains of Washington State.

We began our journey as a technology research organization in 2007 focused on advancing guitar technology with an emphasis on multichannel applications. We filed our first provisional patent in 2008 and were awarded patent #US7982123 on July 19th 2011. While exhibiting at the LA 2014 NAMM convention, we were awarded the Guitar Player Magazine's Editor's Pick and our story was published as part of the cover story in their May 2014 issue.

All of our products are hand made in the USA. Ultramagnetics has built on the same technology that dates to the inception of the electric guitar. We utilize traditional materials and point to point wiring. This approach creates an instrument that looks, plays, and sounds like a traditional electric guitar but with multi channel stereo separation.

For the past several years we have been designing and testing a new guitar platform for our patented stereo pickups, The Stereo 33 series. The 33 stands for a 3 & 3 string isolated split.

Our latest design, the Stereo 33 Hybrid, functions as a traditionally wired guitar with added stereo pickup(s). This allows the user up to 3 simultaneous outputs. Mono (6 strings), bass strings (3 strings), and treble strings (3 strings). This saves tracking time and allows for more tonal combinations.


- Handmade in the USA

- Nitrocellulose finish

- Two piece alder, ash or maple, bodies

- Passive, analog, & hand wired

- Patented pickup designs

- wired point to point

- Top quality hardware

- Flight case included

- Free shipping to the lower 48

- Limited lifetime warranty